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Formerly the random musings of a mountain biker in the flattest of lands.

NOW - a Chicagoan transplanted in Colorado Springs

Yeah I guess sea level is ok too (with @retrotrasher ) (at ocean beach sf,ca)
Gotta leave Co in style - see ya soon SF (with @retrotrasher ) (at Root Down DIA)
Sorry Colorado, the Chicago flag must have summoned the weather.




Dutch Bike PRO with max seat post shown AND stem slammed.

I’ve never seen carbon wheels on a Dutch city bike!

part of me just died and i can now never get that part back.



Just repost this and tag me and #timbercontest. Winners will be picked at random. One more day left to enter. by timberps

well, I need more things to decorate the walls of the new house, so why not.

Its that time of year…
Interbike, Eurobike, product launches & all that “new new”.  All sports are fueled by progression but not many (human powered) sports have such a wild history with cutting edge technology like cycling. 
Having the latest/greatest is fine & dandy but just remember it wasn’t that long ago that the Tour De France was being won on steel/aluminum.  I personally look forward to seeing bikes like this at trade shows.  Bicycles have come a really long way in the last 15-20 years BUT I still wouldn’t mind having this in my garage (I don’t actually have a garage, but you get it).   Sometimes the best way to progress is with a little digression.
Photo from the Specialized 2015 Product Launch